Trustees give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. Find out more about each Board member below.

In memory of Francis Mainoo

Frncis Mainoo, Trustee of mySocietyFrancis Mainoo acted as a mySociety Trustee and Non-Executive Director of SocietyWorks from July 2022 until his unexpected death in October 2023.

His death is a huge loss, not just to us, but to the many other people and organisations he worked with to help them grow and succeed in making the world a better place. We miss his good humour, his valued input and his strong leadership. We are grateful for the time we were able to work with Francis, and we will keep him in our thoughts as we strive to achieve the goals he believed in so passionately.

As well as the active members listed below, we’d also like to thank those who have generously given up time to serve on our boards previously: Owen Blacker, Mike Bracken, Catherine Brown, James Crabtree, James Cronin, Jonathan Flowers, Tim Hunt, Manar Hussain, Kate Jones, Julia Keutgen, Stephen King, Tom Loosemore, Anno Mitchell, Etienne Pollard, Amandeep Rehlon, Nanjira Sambuli, Tom Steinberg, and Jeremy Weinstein.