Join us at our TICTeC Show & Tells

We’re excited to invite you to our TICTeC Show & Tell events, which will be taking place online in March, April and May.

At each event, six speakers from across the world will be given 7 minutes each to share their research and learnings related to the impacts of civic technology.

TICTeC is the global home of civic tech impact research, learning and change. It’s a safe place to honestly examine what works, what doesn’t, what can be improved, what to be aware of etc., so ultimately, better digital tools for civic and democratic engagement are developed.

Event 1:

At this session, speakers will share their research, lessons learned and insights related to the impacts of using technology and data for improved accountability and transparency.

Find out more here and sign up to come along.

Event 2:

At this event, speakers will share research and past experiences on using technology to involve citizens in policy and decision making. Topics include online citizen assemblies, online post-COVID consultations and citizen-representative communications.

Read about each of the presentations and sign up here.

Event 3:

Shows & Tells at this session will cover how using geospatial/place-based technology can empower local communities to engage in planning and policy decisions.

Read about all the presentations, and sign up here.

Interested in sponsoring TICTeC?

We’re a charity, so in order to continue running TICTeC events and initiatives we need financial support. Sponsorship opportunities for the TICTeC Show & Tells can be found here. We’re also looking for support for an expanded TICTeC programme of work to strengthen and solidify an international network of specialists armed with the skills and knowledge to instigate real change in how democracy can be developed and practised online. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about these opportunities.