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When you woke up this morning to check the election results, you may have visited TheyWorkForYou.

And you’d have found it bang up to date, thanks to the new MP data that was added through the night, as the election results came in. More than a fifth of you have a new MP, and whether you voted for them or not we know you’ll want to keep them accountable.

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We’ve just now added one final MP — for St Ives, since weather conditions prevented ballot boxes coming over from the Isles of Scilly earlier.

We’ll be helping you hold all MPs, new and returning, to account over the next few years, as we publish their debates and votes, expenses, interests and contact details.

We make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand what’s going on in Parliament, and how you can play a part in your own democracy.

Right now, you can get a headstart:

If you’re a developer, researcher or just a good old data junkie, you might additionally like to:

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But we still need to raise another £15,000 so that we can continue providing these services, as well as adding new features that will improve the site and make Parliament easier for everyone to follow.

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