Fixing the streets of London: a partnership with TfL

FixMyStreet’s offering for Londoners becomes ever better, as we announce a new partnership with Transport for London (TfL).

For anyone making reports within Greater London, this will mean a whole new level of connectedness — with no extra effort required from you. Just make a report as usual, and if the issue is the responsibility of TfL the details will automatically be whizzed off to them.

It will cover reports about defects including  the TfL road network (red routes), bus stops and shelters, traffic lights and trees.

Better still, you don’t have to make the report directly on for this to come into action. Log the issue via any of our London client borough councils’ sites — currently Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich, Hounslow, and Westminster — and the same smart routing will apply.

This goes both ways: so if you report something on TfL’s site that’s actually a council responsibility, the report will get forwarded to them — and that applies to all boroughs, FixMyStreet Pro clients or not.

Watch this space and we’ll let you know when it’s all hooked up and ready for you to use.


Image: Alex Parsons


  1. For over two years I have been asking TfL and GLA members why TfL won’t take reports from FixMyStreet and Fillthathole. Total silence. I will forward you the unanswered email I sent to Heidi Alexander in July this year calling for TfL to use FixMyStreet.

  2. This sounds like a good initiative, and will save councils having to triage the reports initially and send them on to TfL, with the risk of some reports being lost in the cracks.

    It would be interesting to know a bit more about how the system will decide whether or not a report is TfL’s responsibility rather than the borough’s.

    Will all reports which are determined as being geographically within the TLRN (Transport for London Road Network) automatically go to TfL? Are there any other criteria which will result in reports being routed to TfL?

    I seem to remember that there are some categories of work which are still the responsibility for the borough despite being located on the TLRN. Is that your understanding too, and if so then what happens to these?