Become a mySociety board member

Whilst election fever grips the UK, we’re seeking some new representatives of our own, to join our two company boards.

We are inviting candidates to put themselves forward to become a Trustee of our parent charity UK Citizens Online Democracy or as an independent Non-Executive Director of our commercial business mySociety Ltd.

This is a unique opportunity to join a very smart group of board members in helping guide the development of the UK’s original civic tech agitator, as we plot out a course over the next few years.

As our work has become increasingly global we would like to expand our charitable board with at least two additional trustees who can bring a combination of experience of international development, campaigning and research. If you’ve helped grow an organisation and have a good head for figures and legal matters, that would be of great benefit as well.

On the commercial side we’re especially looking to expand our service provision to the public sector in the UK, and wish to appoint up to three new directors, who will ideally bring in some mix of experience from government, public sector, digital product development and importantly marketing and commercial skills. Again finance and legal expertise is appreciated, along with an entrepreneurial streak.

There’s no getting past the fact that our current boards are entirely male. So for both roles we’d like to use this as an opportunity to redress the balance on each board, as well as add more diversity to better reflect the users of our services both in the UK and internationally.

You can apply for the charitable Trustee role here, and the commercial Non-Exec Director role here.

We’ll be accepting applications until 10am on Monday 6th June – but don’t leave it until the last minute to apply!

Image courtesy of Shell Vacations Hospitality (please note this is not our real boardroom)


  1. Malcolm McPartlan

    First thing, the carpet does not go with the room.
    That’s my first contribution as a board member.

    • It’s around 6 hours a month on average – mostly via email, with attendance at board meetings normally in London or Oxford every three months.

  2. David Harold Chester

    I am slightly interested to volunteer, however I live abroad and can advise without attending meetings. My field is theoretical macroeconomics and it was engineering, before I retired.

    • I’m afraid the meetings are a mandatory part of the role. Do please feel free to apply if you could manage to come over quarterly – travel expenses are paid for.

  3. John Fox (@x333xxx)

    Gosh, I should love to become a trustee and will certainly apply. Thank you for advertising the opportunity.

  4. Nicky Cambridge

    Interested in this but would welcome a conversation with someone about whether my skills helpful/suitable and if so in which role. Is there someone I can call to discuss? Thanks