Alaveteli Release 0.24

We’ve just released Alaveteli 0.24! Here are some of the highlights.

Admin Tools

We’ve added better management for censor rules in the admin interface. Previously, only request and user censor rules could be managed; now you can manage rules for authorities and global rules that get applied to everything.

Censor rules management

We’ve added support deleting incoming messages in bulk on a request page. This is useful if you’re experiencing spam to the holding pen. You can zap them all in a couple of clicks.

Deleting incoming spam in bulk


Facebook is a big driver of traffic to Alavetelis. We’ve added support for a specific opengraph image for pages when shared on Facebook. You’ll need to add a custom version for your site in your theme. Take a look at the upgrade notes for more info.

Alaveteli OpenGraph Logo

As Zarino has already mentioned, we’ve improved handling of long translations in the banner.

Handling long translations

Long Term Support

Alaveteli 0.24 adds support for the most current versions of Debian and Ruby. Jessie has security support until May 2018 and Long Term Support until May 2020.

The full list of highlights and upgrade notes for this release is in the changelog.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed!