Win a mySociety hoodie – tell us how you got things changed with one of our sites

Andy in a mySociety hoodiemySociety websites are all about giving you the power to get things changed.

We’re looking for stories for our annual report, and we want to hear about any changes—big or small—that you’ve seen from using one of our sites.

If we go ahead and use your story in our annual report, we’ll thank you with one of our lovely snuggly mySociety hoodies and no doubt we’ll throw in a few stickers, too.

Here (left) is what those hoodies look like, ably modeled by ace volunteer Andy.

So have a think:

fixmystreet-logoPerhaps you’ve made an improvement to your community through FixMyStreet: it could be something as small as getting some litter cleared away, or as big as campaigning for a new road layout. TWFY
You might have used TheyWorkForYou to understand how your MP voted.
Maybe you used that information to help you decide how to vote this year.
Have you discovered information on WhatDoTheyKnow? Let us know what you did with that knowledge.
writetothem-logo Maybe you used WriteToThem to ask for help from your elected representatives, or to encourage them to think about an issue that’s important to you.

Here’s what to do

Submit a video (45 seconds max) or a photo with text (150 words max) or just text (150 words max) explaining exactly how you got things changed with one of the mySociety sites.


Videos should be landscape format. We’re not looking for high production values: just you, talking into your camera phone is fine! Tell us which site you used, and what got changed. When you’re happy with your video, please upload it to YouTube or a similar video hosting site, and send the link to

Photo with text

Send us a photo of yourself. It can be a simple portrait, or you might like to include a relevant feature, like a pothole you got filled in, or a community project one of our sites contributed to in some way.

Then add a few words to explain which site you used, and what got changed. Please send your text as an email along with your photo as a jpg attachment, to


Tell us which site you used, and what got changed, in an email to

Closing date

Please have your submission with us by November 15th.

And this is the small print

Submission of a video, photo or text constitutes an agreement that we may use it, and your name, in mySociety’s annual report 2015. This report is sent to our friends, supporters, funders and partners, and also publicised through mySociety’s various social media channels. We reserve the right to edit your text, but where we do so it will be for accuracy or clarity and not to change the underlying meaning.

We may also upload your video to the mySociety YouTube channel.

We may not use every submission. Those chosen for inclusion will receive a mySociety hoodie and stickers.


  1. I think I’ve used all your sites.

    emails to MPs are only as good as the MP’s response time (6-8 weeks in my case – the letter was dated over a week before the postmark.

    The greatest success was getting a pothole surrounding a man-hole fixed. I don’t know exactly how long it took but it was repaired within 22 hours. (Reporting to the Council directly takes weeks / months / forever / never to get done.

  2. I used fix my street it took 3years but after over 20years of our pavements not being tarmac and the kerbs not being dropped down for the disabled ♿ in 2014 the council did it I put it down to fix my street

  3. I am a parish council clerk and always report potholes via FixMyStreet, because it is so much easier to use than the council website. I encourage parishioners to use FixMyStreet by mentioning it in the local newsletter.
    I also use TheyWorkForYou, which keeps me up-to-date with what my MP speaks about in Parliament (cows, farming and not much else).

  4. PLEASE NOTE – a comment i left on your FB entry.
    The area concerned im referring to Broom Close green, Calverton. What FMS has done for me on this case note is have a journal of whats been going on for years now, with still no joy to date.
    I would and do highly recommend you to family and friends for issues in their area. THANK YOU FMS !!!!

  5. I have used Fix my street many times. Some times it has been fixed in days some times a month or two. Have reported Pot Holes and fly tipping. On odd times I have emailed a local councillor but have never got a reply. Have had replies from my MP every time I have emailed. Get notification when my MP speaks in the house. Tend to think some of his questions are “placed”.

  6. Hey everyone, it’s great to see your comments, here on the blog and via Twitter/Facebook – but if you’d like to be considered for a prize, please also send them via email to That way we can be sure we haven’t missed any.

  7. I find ‘Fix My Street’ really good and easy to use. However, using ‘Fix My Street’, I have tried to get our local (Dartford) council to litter pick a truly rubishy verge for weeks – no luck. Will have to phone a local councillor. Thought councils had to act on litter fairly quickly.