Videos from AlaveteliCon

Earlier this year, the AlaveteliCon conference brought together people with an interest in online Freedom of Information technologies.

It was an event quite unlike any other, and left a lasting impression of many dedicated people making good things happen for their communities, in places across the world.

That impression is reflected in these short videos, which came about when we yanked attendees away from their lunches and asked them questions in a darkened room.

Thanks very much to everyone who responded so amiably, as well as giving us such useful insights into what it’s like to run an FOI site in all sorts of circumstances. We’ve named them at the foot of this post, along with links to their sites.

Freedom of Information Around the World

Some brief insights into FOI rights in various countries.

Motivations for setting up an FOI site

People who run FOI sites talk about what made them take the first step.

Challenges of running FOI sites

The difficulties vary from place to place, but there are also recurring themes.

Advice about running an FOI site

If you are considering setting up your own site, here are some things you need to know.


Great thanks to Luisa Izuzquiza from Access Info, who filmed and edited these videos.

The videos feature:

Victoria Esteves from Data Uruguay

Marietta Le from Hungary’s Ki Mit Tud

Stephen Abbott from Sobanukirwa in Rwanda

Henare Degan from Open Australia Foundation

Alisa Ruban from Dostup Pravda in Ukraine

Micahel Leow from Malaysia’s Sinar Project

Richard Hunt from Informace Pro Vsechny in the Czech Republic