Alaveteli Release 0.22

We’ve just released Alaveteli 0.22!

Its a big one, with over 400 commits and lots of general improvements.


Luke Bacon improved the design and accessibility of the search form.


Code Quality

Code quality came top of the list at AlaveteliCon 2015. This release includes contributions from James McKinney, Henare Degan, Caleb Tutty, Petter Reinholdtsen and Gorm Eriksen – all helping to clean up code, make Alaveteli work even better and make it easier to translate.


WhatDoTheyKnow’s Public Authority pages were suffering, so we took a dive in to the code around this area. Improving it had a huge impact on the page we were looking at and should have benefits across the application.


Maintenance & Security

We’ve added fixes for CVE-2015-3225, CVE-2015-3227 and CVE-2015-1840, and updated xapian-full-alaveteli for Ruby 2.1 compatibility.

HTML Widgets

We’re always trying to think of more ways to promote an Alaveteli site, so this release includes new feature developed by Jody McIntyre for the AskTheEU Alaveteli site.

When enabled, each request has a “Create a widget for this request” action available in the sidebar.


Any visitor can copy the iframe embed code to paste on their own website.


It’s just a flick of the switch to enable widgets for all requests on your site!

Waving Goodbye to the Past

Alaveteli 0.22 is the last release to support Ruby 1.8.

We’ve got an upgrading guide available, and we’re always here to help on the alaveteli-dev mailing list.

You can see the full list of highlights and upgrade notes in the changelog.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed.