Join the Poplus Show & Tell

The Poplus community is spread all over the world—but that doesn’t stop us getting together whenever we can.

Poplus is a worldwide federation of people and organisations with an interest in civic tech. This Friday, we will be holding a virtual Show and Tell, hearing from two very different projects:

  • Andrew Mandelbaum from SimSim in Morocco will be speaking about Nouabook. This is an application which enables anyone to contact their politicians in public, through Facebook. It uses the Poplus Component WriteIt.
  • Matthew Landauer from OpenAustralia Foundation will be speaking about Cuttlefish, one of the latest pieces of software to be certified as a Poplus Component.

As well as hearing all about these projects, there’ll be a chance to catch up and have a chat about all things Poplus/civic tech. Everyone is welcome.


We’ll be using an online platform called QiqoChat to host this call: sign up here.

You can create a free account using Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/Meetup/Twitter or a regular email address. Instructions for connecting by phone or computer microphone are available when you sign in and click “Participate”.


This Friday, 12 June. Times are as follows:

• 5 AM – US Pacific
• 7 AM – US Eastern
• 8 AM – Chile/Argentina
• 12 PM – UK
• 7 PM – Taiwan and Malaysia
• 9 PM – Sydney
• 11 PM- New Zealand

Image: David Sim (CC)