Track your MP’s activity with TheyWorkForYou

So, the results are in. Some of us have a brand new MP. Others will see the same familiar face returning to the benches of Westminster.

Either way, the important questions remain the same:

  • What will your MP do in Parliament?
  • Will they speak about the things that matter to you?
  • How will they vote in your name?

The easy way to keep up makes it very easy to keep check: you can even sign up to receive an email whenever your MP speaks. These are in the form of a daily digest, and we only send them on days when your MP has actually contributed to a debate.

It’s the low-effort way to see exactly what your MP is getting up to, with no spin, just the facts. Click here for our easy sign-up.

All change

If you already receive alerts, but your prior MP has lost their seat, be sure to set up an alert for the new one now. We’ll be sending reminders to all current subscribers.

There’s no need to cancel the previous alert, however: if your old MP isn’t in Parliament, we simply won’t be sending any more emails about them.

Image: Parliament Acts by Jeroen van Luin (CC)