A list of Voter Advice Applications – AKA ‘who should I vote for?’ tools – for the UK General Election


Websites and apps that help people work out which party or candidate to vote for are all the rage (the biggest one in Germany got used over 13 million times in 2013). Partly for public interest, and partly for my own curiosity, I thought I’d publish a list of these ‘Voter Advice Applications’ (or VAAs for short), and I’ll try to keep it updated as the election approaches. Please leave comments or tweet @steiny if you come across any new suggestions – I’m certain this list will grow a lot.

Who Should You Vote For? *

Vote for policies



vote match

YourCandidates.org.uk – added 30th March

Tickbox – added 30th March

Whoshallivotefor.com – added 30th March

WhoGetsMyVoteUK – added 3rd April

Verto – added 3rd April

Voting Counts Policy Matrix – added 21st April

Your Democracy – added 21st April

Awedience – added 22nd April

Fantasy Frontbench – added 27th April

The Telegraph’s deployment of Vote Match – added 3rd April. I think this was the biggest in 2010, not sure.

Election Compass UK – added April 8th – appears to be embedded into various local newspaper websites, but have no presence of its own online.

The Economist’s 2015 Election Quiz – added April 24th

The Mash ‘Who to Vote for’ test – Parody and *warningmidly NSFW <– But officially a sign that VAAs are now bona fide cultural phenomena – added 27th April

Votr (mobile app) – added May 5th

If you just want to check your your candidates yourself

If you don’t want a policy quiz, but do want to check out your candidates one at at time, try the mySociety-supported YourNextMP.com. It isn’t a VAA but it’s really good anyway 🙂  More info here.

Image credit – The Puzzled Voter – By Walter Montgomery [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* Disclosure: This is partly run as a spare-time project by mySociety’s own Paul Lenz


  1. Vote Match team


    I’m running Vote Match for the 2015 election. The version you’ve linked to is the one we did for the 2014 European elections. The new version will be available at http://www.votematch.org on 26 March.


    Vote Match team

  2. I’d also like to drop our VAA into the mix here – “Who Shall I Vote For?”, which not only matches party policies with opinions, but also provides a huge array of political information and advice surrounding the general election:



    Chris Haycock, Co-Founder

  3. Right – the post has now been updated in various ways, thanks for your contributions. Keep them coming!

    Simon, apologies, but I’m trying to keep this just to VAAs.