TICTeC: Early bird booking closes today

TICTeC-logos_general with yearHurry: today’s the last day to book your place at TICTeC, our conference on the Impacts of Civic Technology, if you want to take advantage of the early bird pricing.

You have until midnight tonight to save yourself £100 on your ticket price. Here’s where to book.


We’re still firming up the final schedule and session titles, but let us whet your appetite by listing some of the speakers.

We’ve already introduced our two keynotes, Dr Shelley Boulianne and Ethan Zuckerman.

Here are some of the other speakers who’ll be helping to shape the agenda at TICTeC:

Luke Bacon of Open Australia Foundation, Sydney

Jonathan Bright of Oxford Internet Institute, UK

Tim Davies of Practical Participation, London

Kerry Brennan of Reboot, New York

Blair Glencorse of Accountability Lab, Washington DC

Nanjira Sambuli of ihub research, Nairobi

Linda Sandvik of the Guardian, London

Sandy Schuman of New College, Oxford University

Martin Szyszlican of Congreso Interactivo, Buenos Aires

Dr Nick Taylor of University of Dundee

Dr Loren Treisman of Indigo Trust, London

Gail Ramster of The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, London

Jonathan Mellon of the World Bank/Nuffield College, Baltimore

Jean Brice Tetka of Transparency International, Berlin

We’re really delighted to be presenting such a diverse group of speakers bringing insights from so many parts of the world… and we can hardly wait to hear what they all have to share.

If you feel the same, well, now’s the time to book your ticket.