FixMyStreet goodies

FixMyStreet flyerWe’ve just put together a brand spanking new page of downloadable FixMyStreet goodies.

Ever tried to explain FixMyStreet to a friend? Well, now you can thrust a flyer into their hand instead – much easier, and you know they won’t forget the web address.

Our goodies page includes all sorts of materials, including:

  • posters and flyers to print out at home
  • worksheets with ideas for schools or community groups
  • print-out doggy poop flags (…yes!)
  • artwork and articles that can go in community newsletters

We hope you will enjoy them – and, of course, we really appreciate each and every time someone makes the effort to help us spread the word about FixMyStreet.

As a small charity, we don’t have the kind of marketing budget to allow us to buy billboards or TV advertising, so this kind of help  is incredibly useful to us.

Coming soon

We’re also considering putting together a small online shop selling physical items in the future, too: batches of FixMyStreet postcards, mugs, hats, bags, etc.

Let us know if you’d be interested in things like this  – or any other bright ideas for other FixMyStreet-branded goodies you’d like to see. This is a new area for us, and we’re open to suggestions!




  1. FixMyStreet merch would appeal to me!

    I love the idea of the dog poo flags, but they are no use to me – all the poo is on the pavement, so there wouldn’t be anywhere to put the sticks!

    • I see your point – we’ve seen them used in grassy areas such as parks and verges. I suppose the unsqueamish could plant them fairly and squarely *in* the offending item…