Release 0.20

We’ve just released Alaveteli 0.20!

The highlights

This release includes several additions and improvements to the admin interface for Alaveteli.

Here’s a summary of the highlights:

  • We’ve added an admin user interface for managing the categories and headings that are used to distinguish different types of authority. Updates are now a lot easier.
  • An admin can now close an authority change request without sending an email to the person who requested it. Good for handling spammy requests!
  • CSV Import fields for authorities are now configurable. This is useful for themes that add additional attributes to authorities.

As for general improvements, there are plenty of those, too. For example:

  • We added a fix to ensure attachments are rendered for emails sent with Apple Mail
  • We removed a confusing authority preview from the process of choosing who to write to. Clicking an authority now goes straight to the authority page.
  • We added filtering by request status to the requests displayed on the user profile page.
  • There’s now a Health Check page, so you can tell if everything seems to be running smoothly.
  • Sensible default values have been added to some configuration parameters.

You can see the full list of highlights and upgrade notes in the changelog.

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed!