Show your commitment to cycle safety – sponsor Collideoscope

Dunsmuir Separated Bike Lane by Paul KruegerCollideoscope, our new tool for reporting and gathering data on cycle accidents, launched this week.

As we mentioned in our launch blog post, the first phase has been sponsored by Barts and the London Charity’s Bespoke Study. They’ll be using the data gathered through the site to provide them with ground-breaking insights into accident prevention in the East of London.

Would your organisation benefit from such data – or just from association with the Collideoscope project? We’re actively seeking new sponsors to make Collideoscope as good as it can be, and we’re offering a few options:

Marquee Sponsorship

Are you an organisation that wants to make a visible impact on cycle safety? Then you might consider Marquee sponsorship.

We’re asking for contributions of £6,500 for 12 months’ support of the site. In return, we’ll display your logo as one of up to four prominent sponsors on Collideoscope’s sponsor page, with a brief message about your motivations or involvement in the project.

We can also email you anonymised notifications of reports in any combination of cities, districts, London boroughs and counties to aid your own research.

Partner Level Sponsorship

Or would your organisation simply like to help us improve Collideoscope? We’d love to hear from you.

£3,500 covers 12 months’ support at this level. Your logo will also appear on the Sponsors page, but less prominently than the Marquee option, and without supporting text. You’ll also be able to opt for notifications of reports in your chosen areas.

Notifications Service

Are you a local council, town-planner, cycling charity, campaign group or club?

If so then you may be interested in receiving anonymised reports as they are made, within a defined area of your choice – within a single ward, across a whole council area, or even the whole country.

This option is available for a one-off contribution of £250, and does not expire.

Where do I sign?

If you’re interested in become a sponsor, fill out our sponsorship form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Something Else?

Are you interested in publishing incident reports on your own site? Do you know someone who might benefit from our work? Or would you like to write about Collideoscope in your publication? Then get in touch.

Thanks for reading – and please do pass this post on to contacts who might be interested.

Image: Paul Krueger (CC)