Collaborate on your SayIt transcripts

Leafcutter ants by Jon PinderOver the last few days, we’ve looked at various ways to use SayIt. This is the final post in the series for now, and it’s highlighting a feature rather than pointing out a use.

SayIt is still in active development – that’s to say, we’re working on it and adding new features all the time.

One of the significant features that recently went live is that SayIt sites can now have more than one editor.

Who needs to collaborate?

We can think of lots of reasons to collaborate:

  • If you’re minuting meetings, you can get others to share the burden of recording, proofing and editing.
  • If you are collecting together statements about a wide topic, or expect your project to run over some length of time, you can call in people to help.
  • If you’re running a campaign, you can ask your supporters to help you crowd-source relevant material.
  • If you are part of an oral history archive, or similar community project, you can share access with others in your group.

…and we’re sure that there are many other uses too.

How to collaborate

You’ll need a SayIt site.

If you haven’t started your SayIt site yet, just go to this page to start one up. If you’ve got one already, log in.

Then invite your collaborators. Just click on the ‘invite friends to help’ button.

invite collaborators to SayItPut in the email address of a friend or colleague. We’ll send them an invitation to help add and edit speeches and sections.

Share your SayIt

Repeat as required. You can invite as many people as you like.

Ways to use SayIt

Check out our series of step-by-step blog posts to explain how to:

Image credit: Leaf Cutter Ants by Jon Pinder (CC)