Sorry, Klingons, but that’s a no

Klingon_High_Council_Emblem.svgThis week, we received a request to add a new authority to WhatDoTheyKnow, our Freedom of Information site. Where appropriate, we are happy to do that, although it’s not always possible.

And this time, it really was not possible: the nomination was for the Klingon High Council.

On the face of it, one might think the High Council an ideal candidate for Freedom of Information requests – wouldn’t we all like to hold it to account for its long history of war, assassinations, and political intrigue – not to mention its miserable record on equality for female Klingons?

Sadly, the WhatDoTheyKnow team had to point out to our user that Do’Ha’ ‘oHbe’ yejquv subject to tuqjIjQa’ chut – which, as any native Klingon speaker will tell you, translates as: “Unfortunately, the Council is not subject to the laws of the United Kingdom”. That’s a pre-requisite for any authority that we include on the site.

On the other hand, of course, any Klingon who is interested in setting up an FOI site for their empire may wish to have a look at our Alaveteli platform.

Requesting new public authorities on WhatDoTheyKnow

You can use WhatDoTheyKnow to contact any public authority that we have details for.

If you want to make an FOI request to an authority that is not on the site, you can request it. We do our best to include any authority that is bound by the Freedom of Information Act (and some that are not) – but they are all UK bodies, subject to UK law.

Ideally, they should also be non-fictional, and located in the present rather than the far-distant future.


  1. As any native Klingon speaker would tell you, Do’Ha’ ‘oHbe’ yejquv subject to tuqjIjQa’ chut is machine-translated gibberish. Bing translator clearly couldn’t translated the concept “be subject to”.

    Try Do’Ha’ tuqjIjQa’ chutmey pabbe’ yejquv.