Coding, chat, and… hexagons

Graphene by Michael StathamThanks to everyone who dropped into last night’s meet-up: we hope you had a good time. From our point of view, it was a fine mix of technical and social, with just as much chatting as coding.

mySociety’s developers Mark and Dave, project manager Ben, and director Tom were on hand, and there were plenty of new folk, who’d come along simply to find out more about mySociety and the work we do.

Dave reports:

Quite often these discussions spill over into the whole Open Source world and how that works. After all, we’re at the Mozilla London space because we’re part of that sector, and Mozilla are a great example of people who generously share their (splendid) resources to make wonderful things happen in the tech community.

Meanwhile, Andrew continued to chip away at issues on FixMyStreet, and we also enjoyed Viktoria’s impromptu explanation of how graphene works (she works with it) by ingeniously using the Moz space’s hexagonal-patterned flooring.

These meet-ups are open to everyone. So whether you’re an open source veteran, or just a curious newbie who is bemused to discover that there is such a thing as free software – if you’re interested in anything you see on, please come along.

Every Wednesday, 6:00 -9:00 pm. Sign up here.

Photo by Michael Statham (CC)


  1. Thanks for using my image. It seems appropriate. I’d just like to say that I use Fix My Street on a regular basis and the My Society network is a marvellous idea.