mySociety Wednesday meet-ups are for everyone

Welcome to Fabuous Las Vegas by AD Teasdale

We’ve reframed our Wednesday meet-ups: they are now open to all, not just to coders. That’s not to say you can’t come and hack — some people do, and have even been helping us fix some of our longstanding issues — but that is entirely optional.

That means that YOU are welcome, yes you, and you. Come and hang out, find out about our projects or talk about your own. Meet people. Snack, drink.

Last week was the first of these more open evenings, and loads of people came by. It was lovely to host our first “special guests” Richard and Arnaud, and to meet an international partner who happened to be in town, Gaba from DATA Uruguay. Plus Sam, who apparently runs “the funniest computer ever” competition.

Heck, it was lovely to see everyone – we hope that you had a good time and will drop by again.

mySociety meet-ups are every Wednesday in the Mozilla London space, from 6:00 – 9:00pm. And – did we make this clear enough? – they are for everyone. Including you.

Photo by AD Teasdale (CC)

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