Sites, Surveys and Speaking at conferences (near you)

In a break from tradition, I’m going to start this blog with an appeal.

We on the international team at mySociety are trying to improve the install process and documentation for all of our internationalised websites. Since we built the original sites, we’re not the best people to ask on what needs to be improved, as I’m sure you understand. If you’re interested in helping us out doing this I’ve created two surveys, you’ll find them at the end of this post! Or email me at so I can ask you a few questions. On to other exciting things…

In site news we are working on Alaveteli sites for Uganda and Italy. Both of these should be finished and ready for launch soon, thanks to our developers and of course our partners for showing interest.

We’ve also been helping set up a FixMyStreet site in Cape Verde and a demo FixMyStreet site for Whypoll in India. While these two sites are being installed on mySociety’s servers, three people from Singapore and two people from South Africa are also working on FixMyStreet for their countries, as self installs.

And in Pombola news we are helping with websites in South Africa, Zimbabwe and are hoping to work with a team in Malawi.

But these are just the most recent sites! People are working on sites in Uruguay, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and a number of other countries. Follow our twitter @mysocietyintl to find out more.

We’d love to help you set up your own site, or just give you advice on why sites like these can be useful. Send me an email at to find out how!

Finally, we’re going to be attending a few conferences and we’d love to meet up with you to chat and get to know you. You can find us at:

15th to 19th September – OKCon, Geneva (Jen and Dave)

27th to 28th September – OverTheAir, Bletchley Park (Dave)

30th Sept to 3rd October – African Entrepreneurship Summit, Mauritius (Paul)

25th to 27th October – Mozfest, London (Dave)

30th October to 1st November – OGP London (Paul and Jen)

27th to 29th November – World Forum for Democracy, Strasbourg  (Jen)

Please do drop by and say hello!

By the way, if you are hosting a conference and want us to come along and speak (for free! We don’t charge, and a lot of the time we try to pay our own way!) please drop a note to . We love to connect with new people and would be delighted to be involved!

As promised, here are the survey links. If you have ever installed or had us create one of our websites for you please take a look at them and fill them in.
FixMyStreet Survey
Alaveteli Survey

One more thing, as a p.s. Hopefully these “What we’ve been up to” updates will soon come to you in video format! Be kind to me if the first one is awkward!

Hand photo by Alban Gonzalez | Android photo by Tiago A Pereira | Bike photo by Raul Lieberwirth | Thank you for making your content creative commons distribution.


  1. I’m interested in knowing if any country has cracked the issue of crime reporting using fixmystreet. There is a new app for like “fixyourstreet” for crime but it is not “Open Source”. I am interested in developing an app that can be used for reporting dangerous driving I live in a country with roads made very dangerous by bad driving.
    Any discussion, links here would be great