Wednesday hacknights at Mozilla London

London Mozilla Workspace
From the 14th of August onwards, our Wednesday hacknights will be at Mozilla London, in (very) central London.

Mozilla is well-known as the creator of the Firefox browser, but you may not be aware that Mozilla is also a not-for-profit organisation whose software is open-source – just like mySociety. We’re really pleased to be able to work with a community whose aims and ideals are so closely allied to our own: take a look at their manifesto and you’ll see what we mean.

Mozilla London is one of the Mozilla Spaces, open working/community spaces around the world.

We reckon that there’s the opportunity for some really rich cross-fertilisation of ideas here. So – if you’d like some company, some advice, or some people to collaborate with, come along. You don’t have to work on mySociety code (although you are welcome to, and we can give you plenty of help with it). All you need is a laptop and some basic coding knowledge.

If that sounds good, add your name to our Lanyrd pages, or drop a line to – and we look forward to seeing you.


Image: Mozilla in Europe