Release 0.9, and a new development roundup

We’ve just released Alaveteli 0.9 – hopefully the last release before we upgrade to Rails 3. The last few months have meant a bunch of behind the scenes upgrades, bugfixes and refactorings to get us to this point – with some highlights being:

  • Alaveteli now has better support for running entirely over SSL – as can be seen at WhatDoTheyKnow and the new Australian Right to Know site.
  • Upgrade to HTML 5
  • Preliminary support for running under ruby 1.9 (full support to come with the Rails 3 upgrade)
  • Better isolation and testing of the mail handling code
  • A more consistent admin user interface using Bootstrap by default
  • Better support for responsive front end themes and sqlite on the back end
  • A clearer and more consistent format for translations

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed!