A better way to present DWP data

The DWP holds a lot of interesting data. Right now, it’s all available on your website, but with just a few small changes, it could be reaching a much wider audience.

Here’s one example. Imagine that, once people were on your site, they could answer their own questions from your data through an interface as nice and easy as this one:

mySociety DWP data finder


This sort of tool empowers your users, and means your data doesn’t languish in an unseen corner of your website. It’s easy to use, too.

Getting the DWP’s data to a wider audience

DWP Google searchThere’s one other simple change that will bring your data to more people.

Every day there are people searching Google for things like ‘How many people are on Incapacity Benefit?’– and although the DWP features in the top results, it’s not a terribly relevant link.

This means most people – interested, engaged people – are not finding your data or your website. It’s a wasted opportunity for awareness-raising and increasing your organisation’s impact.

Now imagine you had this page running as part of your site – and similar pages for all the most common questions asked by visitors:

mySociety dwp suggested


Clear, friendly presentation of data like this does two things.

It immediately answers a common question for lots of visitors. And, because Google ranks results according to relevance,  it helps people find the DWP in the first place.

Both these solutions are  easy to implement – and you’d start seeing the results very quickly

We’d love to talk

That’s all we wanted to say! We hope you like our vision. If so, we can help you make it a reality.

mySociety specialises in simple presentation of complex data – get in touch and we’ll happily tell you more.