Mapumental Property – To Launch Thursday 8th November 2012

After a great deal of hard work we are pleased to announce that Mapumental Property will be launching on the 8th of November 2012.

Mapumental Property uses public transport open data from across the country to show you areas you can live that are an acceptable commute from your office, school or other destination. We have data on buses, trains, trams, tubes – so we look into all the combinations that might help you get to work quickly.

We’ve built the site to solve a problem that these other big sites don’t quite get right – commuting. Nobody likes to commute a minute further than strictly necessary. But in a world of complex public transport networks, especially in our big cities, it can be highly unclear where you might be able to live and still get to work in 30 minutes. Mapumental Property will help, and it works anywhere in Britain. It works in Aberdeen just as well as Shoreditch.

From next week people in Britain can easily see areas that are less than a specified amount of time away from a place of work, study or other importance, by public transport. So if you’ve ever thought “I wish I could see a map of everywhere less than half an hour’s commute from this office”, this is your answer.

Look for more updates next week!

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  1. […] The OP might be interested in a site called Mapumental – I signed up to the beta version ages ago and was going to suggest he did the same, but it appears that the full public-facing version launches tomorrow. You give it a destination (your office, say), and it shows you a map of everywhere commutable within a certain time. As it's tied into public transport data, it's a good way of finding those little pockets which are a bit further away but still not too long a journey. It appears that they've gone into cahoots with a property website too, so you can even add house prices into the mix. There's some details at…november-2012/ […]