Mobile Websites for Local Councils – Strategy and Technology

“It’s rare to find people who can piece together the strategy and the technology – you usually get one or the other.” – Helen Milner, Chief Executive at UK Online

Across the UK  council officers are facing the same problem – the audience has rapidly turned to mobile devices, but council sites are resolutely stuck in the desktop era. What to do?

mySociety are experts in the processes required to convert traditional local council websites to mobile websites and apps. We understand the challenges that come with presenting complex council information on a mobile interface, and the problems of getting old systems to catch up. We can help you with both aspects.

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Mobile strategy for councils

Phone shade by NiXerKGHave you recently checked what proportion of your residents are visiting your council website via a mobile phone? The figure is almost certainly high, and growing by the day.

Residents increasingly expect to access council services from a mobile: you only have think about finding a car park, reporting vandalism, or checking bus timetables to see that mobile access needs to be an integral part of a council’s online strategy. Your reputation will depend on it.

Most council websites were built long before we envisaged such widespread mobile usage. As a result, adapting council websites to mobile can seem a daunting task – but it’s an essential part of your switch to digital by default.

It requires experience and patience to understand how user behaviours differ on mobile websites and on desktops. It also means prioritising the kind of content that your users will need on-the-go, and creating simple user journeys that enable them to get things done.

“We’ve had an incredibly positive relationship.” – Chris Palmer, Assistant Director of Communications at Barnet Council


Mobile Web Development Too

At mySociety, we can do much more than just strategy. We offer a full service web development service, and we can deliver everything between wire frames and full working websites.  Many councils with existing CMSes, for example, may need updated HTML and CSS, and mySociety can provide this in a mobile optimised way.

Mobile council website or council app?

The most common question we get from councils who are considering their mobile strategy is whether they should build a mobile-optimised council website, or build a council app.

There are pros and cons for each, which we’ll be happy to explore with you.

mySociety have extensive experience in building both mobile sites and apps, and we can also offer packages that include both.

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mySociety are a trusted supplier to several local governments, including Barnet, Blackburn, Bromley, Hounslow, Lichfield, Nottinghamshire, Southampton, Surrey, Westminster – and we’ve also worked for No 10 Downing Street and even given advice to the White House.


Image credit: KG Nixer