New Alaveteli upgrade

It's Loud, by Caterpiya

Version 0.6 of Alaveteli, our Right to Know platform, has just been released. Some of the major features of the new release are for users, some for Admin:

  • We’re all so used to the concept of getting updates on a ‘wall’ or a ‘stream’, thanks to Facebook and Twitter – and now users can do the same on Alaveteli sites.
  • It’s difficult to moderate all unsuitable requests when you are running a high-traffic site – but now you can tap into the power of the crowd, with ‘report this request’ buttons (and a moderation list in Admin).
  • The back-end looks extra smart now, thanks to some nifty code “built for and by nerds” by Twitter (Bootstrap).
  • And – one for developers – Alaveteli is now using Bundler wherever possible.

Seb’s also written a round-up of the most interesting changes and bug-fixes. If you’re running an Alaveteli site, or just thinking about it, you should head over there for a read.

Image by Caterpiya.