May pubmeet

Beer Bubbles by Atilla Kefeli
Fancy a pint?

We’ll be in the Banker pub in London for our regular pubmeet on Tuesday 29th May – come and have a chat!

Everyone’s welcome and there’s no agenda, other than having a good time and meeting nice people.

The Banker, Cousin Lane, London, EC4R 3TE

6.30 pm onwards (note, this is earlier than usual). Here’s the Lanyrd page if you want to sign up and spread the word.

At least one of us will be wearing a mySociety hoodie (black, with logo as at the top of this page).

The hashtag is #mySocial. It’s taken its first tentative steps on Twitter, and has been known to make an appearance on Instagram. Where next?

Image credit: Atilla Kefeli