DIY mySociety

The Load by Kennymatic

mySociety’s sites are all open-source, which means that anyone can take our code and build their own sites with it. That’s been a core mySociety principle from the very beginning, but as time has passed, we’ve realised that we could have made the process easier.

Until recently, you had to be pretty techie to use our code. But now, under the banner DIY mySociety, we’re actively working to lower the bar. Firstly, and most importantly, we’re in the process of rewriting much of our code so that it’s nearer ‘plug and play’ status than previously. Then, we’re backing it up with documentation in the form of easy-to-read handbooks, and supportive communities.

If you’ve ever thought of replicating a mySociety-style site in your own neck of the woods, take a peek at DIY mySociety. We’ll be regularly updating with news and advice.

Image by Kenny Louie, used with thanks under the Creative Commons licence.