Fix Before the Freeze: it’s warming up

Roadworks Ahead by John Blackbourn, used with thanks under the Creative Commons licence

In the nine days our Fix Before the Freeze campaign has been running, there’s been a 47% increase in reports on Thank you to everyone who has spread the word or remembered to use the site to get something fixed.

As you may remember, the campaign encourages you to report problems such as broken streetlights or potholes before winter comes. It’s great to see this start to happen, and we hope you’ll experience the benefits once the cold weather takes grip. Hey, you might even find that the warm glow of community spirit cuts a few quid from your fuel bills…

Meanwhile, we’re sure there are still plenty of pavements, roads and amenities that could do with a patch-up before winter. So if there’s a gap on a notice board near you, don’t forget our print-outs and resources here. How about printing out a few and leaving them in your local library, cafe, or community centre?