Fix Before the Freeze Fix Before the Freeze

You may already be aware of our website, which helps you report common street problems – such as potholes and uneven pavements – to the relevant local council. This year, we thought we’d give people a gentle nudge before winter comes.

Many of the 1,000  issues which the site deals with every week are of the sort which are far better seen to before the big freeze. Potholes only worsen with the frost, and no-one wants a dodgy streetlight once the long dark nights are here.

How to join Fix Before the Freeze

  • Check for problems Will your walk home from work tonight be in the dark? Look out for areas that could be better lit or paths that might cause people to stumble in the dark.
  • Report it If you see something that is better fixed before the freeze, now’s the time to let your council know. It only take a minute at
  • Spread the word We’ve created the image above as a website icon, flier, and poster. Follow the links at the foot of this post to download them, or use the code if you’d prefer to link back. Why not put one on your blog, hand them out at work, or stick one in your window? Please spread the word among friends and family too.
  • Spread the word further We’d be grateful for mentions on your preferred social media hang-out (you can use the #FB4TF hashtag).
  • Keep in touch You can ‘like’ us on Facebook here, or follow us on Twitter here.

Let’s get our local communities as safe as they can be, before the cold weather hits.


Click on each thumbnail to be taken to the actual-size resource, then right click or ctrl+click to save a copy to your hard drive.

A4 sheet of fliers to print out:

FixBeforeTheFreeze flyers

Poster to print out:

fixbeforethefreeze poster

Badge for your blog or website (165×165 pixels):

fixbeforethefreeze badge

(If you’d like a larger image, feel free to save the one at the top of this post).

HTML for inserting the badge onto your site without downloading – just copy and paste the below into your HTML editor:

<a href=”″ title=”Find out more about Fix Before the Freeze from”><Img alt=”Fix Before the Freeze – report those dangerous potholes and  broken streetlights before winter hits” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/fixbeforethefreezebadge165.gif”></a>


  1. It would be useful if roads that come under the Highway Agency’s responsibility had report’s going to them and not the local/county councils who do nothing more tham say ‘not our problem’…

  2. Totally agreed with Niel – time are wasted writing the report only for the council to come back to me saying “nowt to do with us”

  3. Hi Niel, Dave,
    Yes, at the moment FixMyStreet only sends reports to the council, with the exception of London problems, which are routed via a third-party system.

    We know it’d be ideal if Highways Agency road problems could be reported directly to them, but at the moment our systems don’t allow for it. In the meantime we depend on the goodwill of the council and for them to forward the issue on to the correct contact.