Fix my… hospital? university campus? supermarket?

Pothole in the shape of a heart, by Waldo Pepper

FixMyStreet, is, as its name suggests, a system that reports street problems to the relevant local council. But at heart, it’s a problem-reporting system that could be adapted for a multitude of different uses.

For example, with just a few modifications, large institutions such as hospitals could use it for everyone – staff, visitors, patients – to report maintenance issues. Same for universities, especially those spread over large campuses. Supermarket chains could adapt it so that people could report abandoned trolleys – in fact we’ve been admiring an Aussie site that’s way ahead of us on that idea.

We’ve been enjoying thinking of new possible uses, from the practical to the frankly rather ridiculous, but we’re also keen to hear any ideas we might not have thought of. Is there an area in your life – personal or professional – that would be made much easier if you had an easy way to report it on-the-go? What challenges do you see, and why hasn’t it been done  before? Ideas below, please.


  1. Most certainly Fix my Supermarket.

    I have an ongoing battle with the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury for NOT supplying Sanitising Trolley Wipes at point of pick up.

    The amount of germs transmitted to trolley handles is ridiculously high and spreads all manner of body fluids and poo germs to supermarket users.

    Think someone wiped their bum or shook their parts then touch a trolley or WORSE pick up an unwrapped loaf and put it back ACK!

    Yes supermarkets please


  2. Fix my government! Dr Fox could have avoided such deep problems if the warnings had been posted on so everyone could review them…

    Or fixmygrammar, improving Britain one apostrophe at a time… 🙂

  3. combine fixmystreet with pledgebank to enable community action:

    “I’ll spend 3 hours picking up litter on the old railway footpath if 12 others will join me”

    more an extension to fixmystreet really. Point is people are more likely to go to fixmystreet than search pledgebank.

    and there is no reason all the fixing needs to be done by the council, right?

  4. Kris Witherington

    Fix my broadband – why is it communications companies all have terrible customer services.