Own a piece of mySociety: servers to give away

After several years of hosting, mySociety has migrated out of Easynet’s Brick Lane Data Center, and we now live on virtual machines hosted at a top secret location in the north of England. Most of our old hardware is no longer in use. It’s redundant. We don’t need it any more. But we don’t want to throw it all in a skip, that would be terrible.

Sooo… we’d like to find a lovely new home for it all. And this unique opportunity to own a piece of mySociety may be of interest to YOU.

Here are the technical details of the various machines we are getting rid of – check it out for what’s currently available.

Update: all gone!

The Rules:

1. The servers don’t come with disks: as part of our privacy procedures, all disks have been removed and destroyed to protect our and our users’ data.

2. You’ll need to be able to pick them up ASAP from a central London location (WC2).

3. You’ll need to be available to do so during office hours or very shortly afterwards (evenings or weekends aren’t possible, sorry).

4. Note that they are large and heavy so you may well need a car.

For more information, or even better, if you’re thinking “Sold! I’ll take the lot!”, then get in touch with Abi, our friendly office manager, on hello@mysociety.org.

If you feel guilty about relieving a registered charity of its assets, you can even make us a donation (voluntary, but we’d be appropriately grateful).