this week team has started publishing MP profiles this week. Below is an example (original page here):

Each profile contains a list of all speeches, absences and basic personal data at the moment, but during the week can also expect additional tab to be added. It will contain a summary of all activities of particular MP, as well as graphs and statistics.

All current MP profiles are available through the MP’s search site. With the help of predictive method (names of MP’s will appear once you start typing them in the search window) you can search for all MP’s or narrow down your search to a particular part of the country too. (The implemented search happens on a local level – when the site opens, the local java script engine pulls in the list of all 518 MP’s and the search is conducted through javascript on this list.)

The team is also aiming to extend the search to postcode based functionality, but the currently provided list of post codes is in .pdf format, which leaves plenty of scope for errors. Polish Post has been contacted to send over an alternative set in .txt and .xls format – which might take a few days. In the meantime feel free to test other options on the site, like the search or view of MP’s region once your cursor is on their name for example.