mentioned in mainstream media

Major Polish news portal,, has posted a short introduction to yesterday including interview with Jakub Górnicki. Te article presents major functions, goals and sponsors of this project stressing in the role of the portal in raising awareness and increasing civic engagement in Poland.

“Who is the service for? For everyone interested in its content, most certainly. Journalists and social activists have an endless data set to dive into. Sejmometr authors though wish to direct it at everyday citizens to provide them with tools of monitoring of their own representatives. The aim of the project is to explain clearly the processes behind Parliament’s work.

– Our most important aim is for citizens, who participate in public life (taking part in elections) to have ability to track the work of their chosen representative – states Górnicki. – We hope that the awareness about the daily work of the candidate will build the right attitude of citizens and help making the right choices in the future.”

Well done, team!