FOI Online tool in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Please meet Darko and Boris Brkan from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are currently developing Freedom of Information website in their homeland. They are also working closely with Valon Brestovci from Kosovo and with Seb Bacon.

I have talked to both of them about their current activities. Their project is just kicking off now and they are looking at finalizing the exact plan of activities for the upcoming weeks with Tony Bowden. They hope for the green light soon so they can establish the team of developers and to start the research on institutions in Bosnia, making a database of all required contacts.

The legal part was investigated already so soon they should have a detailed description of how a requests looks like in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how to adapt to do it on-line.

They are also in close contact with Transparency International in Bosnia – organisation they consider the most experienced in the country on the topics related to their project. The local Transparency International was mentioned as their partner in the proposal, so now they are discussing the details of suggested co-operation – basically who is going to do what.

Stay tuned for more information from their region!