Update on InformataZyrtare.org from Kosovo

I have posted about this project earlier, but today I had a chance to talk to Valon Brestovci about the recent developments in Kosovo. Looks like the team has experienced some unexpected difficulties in the early stages of their project as a result of the newly introduced Freedom of Information Act. The law introduced about 3 months ago states that all public institutions have to assign a person or a team of people responsible for all matters related to the freedom of information. It is a big shift and InformataZyrtare.org team realised that large amount of institutions do not have people assigned to  those new tasks yet or if they do it is really difficult to identify their e-mail addresses. Valon and his colleagues are now looking at alternative solutions to this new challenge (if you have any tips, please let them know!).

Second major task is a comprehensive list of all public institutions! Valon’s team has a list they use for a start and work on this, but obviously it will take time to collate all data on it. In response to this particular issue he referred to the possibility of a new project at their partner organisation, FLOSS Kosova. Currently in the proposal stage, the project aims to identify, list and map out all public institutions. Valon is actively involved in the process of proposal writing to ensure that both organisations benefit from this new idea.

This is the situation in Kosovo for this week. I hope to have the next update around Monday, so stay tuned!

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  1. This is exactly the sort of thing they should be discussing on the Alaveteli list (and their own blog) so that people can help with ideas and suggestions!