Written questions as next step for Sejmometr.pl


Sejmometr.pl team is currently working on adding written questions functionality to their portal. As with all other options, this one has to comply with the local legislative process, which according to their blog looks like this:

“In the Polish law system, there are three types of questions that MP can make:
– spoken questions – on each Sejm session, there is a time when each MP can ask a question and receive an immediate answer from a government representative.
– written questions called “interpelacje”
– written questions called “zapytania” “

According to Daniel Macyszyn the last two types do not differ much from the point of view of general public – the target audience of his website, hence why the plan is to put them in the same category on Sejmometr.pl.

“My opinion is that the difference between “interpelacje” and “zapytania” is understood only by a specialists and regular users won’t care so much if a particular written question was submitted as an “interpelacja” or “zapytanie”. That’s why I’m planing to join them in a Sejmometr database structure and present them in a one browser.”

I am sure will will find out if it works in practice fairly soon.

Do you have similar instances of simplifying the legislative proces for the sake of your projects? Do let us know!