on openness


“I’m trying to develop Sejmometr in a maximal openness. This means a “technical” openness (Open Source, Open Data coming soon) and this blog is also a way of opening conceptual works around the Sejmometr. Now I want to add another level: I will be publishing every official letter that I’m writing or receiving from a public institutions.”

This is how Daniel Macyszyn starts his new post. His first letter was sent to Sejm Bureau of Research in order to ask for them to approve the usage of the information published on their sites for purposes, but without the usual charge.

“Sejmometr publishes all opinions and anylisys that are present on the official Sejm website, but we had to make an exception for the Bureau of Research, because they claim that their opinions are a subject of copyright protection and they don’t allow to publish them without an additional fee.

While this is hard to understand for us why citizens got to pay a second time for this data (they already paid for this with taxes), I decided to write a letter to them and ask for a permission for publishing their documents on Sejmometr. I will put the answer here on this blog, when it comes.”

It’s brilliant to see the openness of the Sejmometr team! What do you think – would this approach work in your country? Do let us know!