– WhatDoTheyKnow clone project from Kosovo

I think I might have mentioned earlier on this blog that we are awaiting information about Kosovo based WhatDoTheyKnow clone implementation. I have talked today to Valon Brestovci from FLOSS Kosova, the manager of, who shared more information about the team and their plans. When asked about the current stage of the project, Valon responded:

“We are doing the phase 1 of the project which is installing (and fixing the installation procedures), analyzing and understanding the code and having the site up and running.”

He also explained how the team is set to work on various aspects of implementation and promotion:

  • “Ben and Petrit are doing the programing part,
  • couple of guys from GAP Institute will help with getting the information about institutions, promoting the site and setting up meetings with civil society,
  • there will be a couple of guys doing work on the interface,
  • I will be managing the whole thing. Right now I’m helping Ben and Petrit with setting up the system, next week I’ll have meeting regarding interface requirements/design.”

I know it’s early days, but was eager to find out more about the plans for promotion and communication too:

“We have not started with promotion yet, we intend to do it at a later stages of project. I have identified target groups who might use/benefit the most from using the site.

  • Civil society
  • Press
  • Students
  • Research institutions (Institutes, Universities, Schools,…)
  • Public Institutions
  • Others

We will use various tools to do the promotions like setting up meetings, adverts in newspapers and online, social networks, blogs, etc). Of course all of these are open for debate and any suggestion is appreciated.”

I will do my best to update you on the local background, introduce the team in more detail and feed the information about the development of the project as we are awaiting its launch in the upcoming weeks.