KohoVolit.eu monitoring MP’s activities


I believe I have mentioned earlier that KohoVolit.eu is also working on analysis of MP’s activities typical for end of the year. I was told that the analysis for 2010 will be ready next week (predicted launch date 28 or 29th of December) and the functionalities of the site will be very close to the one published last year. Let’s just have a quick look at last year’s analysis to see what we can expect to see next week. You can find it here, and if you use Google translation you will be able to work out quickly what the content is.

First of all, you can choose various filters – location or particular type of activity. On the top of the site you will find the most active and passive MP’s.


Little bit lower you will find the rankings with drill down to particular activities, location, KohoVolit.eu Index (something I want to find out more and update you on in near future in more detail).


To find out about the exact date of the launch you can follow the project on Facebook or Twitter. In the times of Google translation the language should not be a barrier, however we will keep you posted too;)

If you have questions on any of the above mentioned stats, do let us know!