– say hi to the new blog in English!


It is extremely useful to see the updates of our projects on their own blogs, so we are very happy to see starting one in English. Daniel, the lead developer, is posting about their current work on processing the outstanding data from sessions of Sejm. He is also raising a very interesting question of presenting the sessions in a form of a calendar (using as an example). He seems to come to the conclusion that a calendar view could become a central part of the entire Polish website, and would make it possible to present all events – parliamentary sessions and other, additional events in two categories:

  • -“all-day events – for presenting Sejm sessions’ days
  • -single events – for presenting all other legislative events (mainly announcing documents like: bills, committees’ reports and such)”

This solution raises another question (related to Sejmometr’s general focus on users’ communication with the website):

“If this would work as a typical calendar, why won’t provide tools for synchronizing calendars? Users could synchronize their iCals or Google calendars to Sejm calendar via Sejmometr. Just another form of communication in addition to notifications, RSS and mails. For sure, it would be a great tool for MPs, but what about regular site users? Is this worth of implementing?”

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Can you support Daniel with your thoughts and experience? Do let us know in the comments section!