Fixing public transport one email address at a time

Ever got a problem fixed by reporting it on FixMyStreet? Written to your representative via WriteToThem? Here’s an opportunity to pay the favour forward to someone stranded on a wet Wednesday by the non-arrival of the number seven bus.

We’ve reached the point in FixMyTransport development where we can start asking for your help. We need to fill in the information we’ll use to report people’s transport problems to the companies that run bus and train routes. If you have five minutes to spare, please spend them adding a contact email address or two for your local bus companies to this spreadsheet:

…then you can bask in the glory of a karmic balance restored*.

* Will also work if you accidentally ran over a kitten on your way to work this morning.


  1. Good question! Yes, if you think there are missing companies, please do add them at the bottom of the spreadsheet. In that case a company number would be particularly useful – then we can figure out if they’re already there under a different name.

  2. Since pedants will object to “the most important data” and “the most important datum” would look horrible, there’s an opportunity in Column D for something fun: “the most important treasure”? “the most important booty”?

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