Job Advert: Commercial Product Manager for Mapumental

mySociety is looking for someone who loves building relationships, and who enjoys thinking about travel, property and what makes for a great day out.

We are a non-profit group of staff and volunteers that builds websites that help people do things like find out how their politicians vote, or get broken street lights and potholes fixed in their road. We make most of our charitable money through commercial means, and to that end we’re setting up a spin-off called Mapumental Ltd that is building web mapping tools the likes of which have never been seen before. Watch this video to learn more.

Mapumental’s underlying technology is now complete, and ready for user-facing products to be built on top. What we need is someone who can do the market research to work out what products we should build, and who can go out and sell them to clients of all shapes and sizes – from holidaymakers to property firms.


  • Market analysis – to research what products we should and shouldn’t be building with Mapumental
  • Sales and marketing – to tell people authentic, convincing stories about how our products can help them, and sell the finished products
  • Good copywriting skills – and ability to work with designers to create marketing materials


  • At least 12 months experience selling products or services, ideally to corporate clients.
  • Ideally, more than two years’ experience in product management, market research, or marketing
  • First degree in any subject
  • You’ll be able to tell us how you made tricky but successful marketing decisions

Personal Qualities

  • Most important – you’ll need to be able to meet and collaborate with a diverse range of people, both colleagues and customers, in an amiable, confidence-inspiring manner
  • Preferably – an interest in maps and the internet.
  • You’ll have to be a self-starter who can work independently, and often in a location of your choosing
  • Enthusiasm for new things, new ideas, new businesses

Location, Hours and Salary

We can be flexible between a minimum of 3.5 days per week, up to full time. You can live and work anywhere in the UK, but your life will be easier if it is within a couple of hours of both London and Birmingham.

We offer a salary of £33k+, and we are also offering a decent bonus tied to success at sales.

Applications should be sent to by noon of 13th September, with the tag msjob5  in the subject line. This is a re-advertisement of a previously advertised position, and previous applicants need not apply.


  1. Would be interested in receiving a technical description of Mapumental – just facts and no waffle.

    A map Loving computer man.

  2. Having run a number of companies over 50 odd years, I can tell you that good market researchers make pretty poor sales people. And vice versa.

  3. The link from your email to this page is wrongly located under the transport anecdotes item. If this is your personnel selection test I’m not impressed.

  4. I agree with Geoff; I too am not impressed at the mix up over the links, presumably, if I go back and click on the other link I will get where I wanrt to be – the transport anecdotes. I fnot – I will be back….