It’s job interview time for your next MP!

Thanks to the work of thousands of volunteers across the country, we’ve now launched our survey of candidates to be your MP.

View the survey results

It tells you the views of candidates on a range of national and local issues. What’s particular exciting is that this is individual views – we separately surveyed all the candidates.

About 1/3rd of them have replied. The survey has a tool to let you ask the other candidates in your constituency to respond. Please give it a go, as we’d like to the survey to get as complete as possible over the weekend, to be most use to people in the last days leading up to the election.

Competition! Have you found an inventive way to ask your candidates to respond to the survey? Maybe you doorstepped them, or sent them a cake. Post your ideas and things you’ve done in the comments below.

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  1. Ask them whether they have filled in the survey at hustings – scribble the URL on some cards to give them if they say they will fill it in.