Public Image Creation – PIC

What problem are you solving?:

The processes of political positioning of individuals proposed by parties on elections (local, state) are not transparent for citizens. Nor criteria for professional engagement in public institutions is reasonable or based on professional records, curriculum, education background and measurable effects in profession (Minister for Ecology and Urbanism is a Doctor of Orthopedic, for exmpl.!?)… There is no obligatory method for elected representatives to act according to the proposed program, there’s no penalties for non accomplished mission, there’s a great abuse of common good (corruption), public opinion (media control&law of information which protects politicians) and general degradation of civil values.

Describe your idea:

PIC is an interactive (API) web protocol generated on civil participating&networking (political facebook, for expl!) which will work out as monitoring&mirroring tool of politicians’ activities, provoking them to work on more transparent&responsible manner.

PIC website will be equipped with pools, blogs, forums, video and photo galleries, chat, RSS feeds …
The PIC website will be connected with referential civil society groups and experts, law and institutional links to generate interactivity among civil sections and citizens, independent experts and politicians.

Citizens also will contribute in data collection of politician’s activities and thus create more open public communications which will provoke more responsible behavior of PR and more transparent practices of all legal bodies.

What country will this operate in?: Serbia

Who are you?:

I am a cultural worker&activist, a middle age free lance visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am a mother of two immature kids who is afraid for their future in Serbia.

I am an idea developer, methodologists, organizer, project management, pr, educator, curator, graphic, furniture, mural designer, writer …

I am a self employed contemporary nomadic gallery art director (Gallery ALT) and a representative of a small ngo art group “Smarti-e Society” who contributes in more beautiful surrounding, cultural diversity and cross border ecology and creative arts education.

Our association gathers young people of different background who create beauty, arts and ideas for better living. We have computer skilled and educated members who will manage such a project working.


  1. I am supporting this idea as PIC can represent counter critical thinking tool, important part in the Serbian community that is missing, in order to foster society as entity. There should be more projects of this kind who change and influence the system on better.

  2. the idea is great because it includes unlimited number of people who, hopefully, will not occur without the arguments and uninformed (which could be a problem only if the opposite), but so many opinions in one place so accessible (web page) is a great idea, theme very interesting the masses (ie topics that interest, and should interest all of us), a topic that has an impact on our lives and how to influence them – can not sit idly by. it acts as the only opportunity to hear our opinion and, hopefully, someone who is not working properly will be ashamed. it will be particularly interesting because it is known that it will be in front of so many people!

  3. Fully supporting the idea of Gabriela and related activities. Serbia needs more transparancy and more democracy.

  4. Well,I do agree that corruption is very noticeable in our society;for long years it has been part of our lives,since I can remember,and I am 30 years old;also I think that it has become a part of everyone´s everyday living and a way to behave;surely,medias are not on the side of ordinary people,especially with all this entertainment shows on T.V;it´s something that makes people to forget truly important things-such as environment problems,or a social coherence;definitely,it´s not the way of passiveness that I would choose. of the things that could pay attraction to the people is artistic project;also,art,generally speaking,should be much more present in the medias(maybe in form of some-kind of all-day-long T.V presentations).
    Definitely,engaged art could change someones thoughts,and it`s involvement in creative projects would make it aware of the things that are happening around…

  5. In the country in which parliament provides laws that controls media and protects politicians (case Dinkic and daily newspaper Kurir!) and set up the legal protocol which closes the opponent media, this kind of project is more than welcomed especially because it uses very common net tools which are quite popular in Serbia, such as Facebook and blogs, and thus provide the security for the citizens to be protected as participants, because such kind of participation is virtual and doesn’t subject to the law which is controlling media! I heartily recommend it!

  6. Thanks to everybody for support and rethinking of my idea!
    Now I figure out that I omitted to say that throughout this kind of public media tool, we might create/propose our own political and social programs, participating in social change for democratic rebuilding of our rotten society.
    Thanks again!

  7. Proposal PIC is something that Serbian society definitely needs for a long time. Because Serbian society obviously needs a lot of changes in almost every aspect of community life, I find that this idea can help in a great deal of recognizing problems which is a begining for the change. I think that this proposal can help to expand public consciousness and to reach better quality of life, and that’s why I think it’s worth supporting.

  8. Gabriella, idea is definitely interesting, it would great to read more details, maybe in the next round of this proposal. I’m also working together with a friend in an cultural NGO called Art Lab, so we have few things in common! Good luck with your project!

  9. Thanks to everybody for support of my idea.
    Elma, send me a link here to your proposal or to your organization. Looking forward to see if we can collaborate.
    Thnx again!;-)

  10. The PIC project is an excellent idea that I’ve heard of it or read. I am a citizen of Bosnia, and we, Bosnian people, are faced with the same problems just like Serbia citizens – with irresponsible behaviour of politicians, corruption, a lack of democracy, etc. There are numerous examples of irregularity when it comes to the political situations in Bosnia and Serbia.
    So I am of the opitnion that Serbia, as well Bosnia, needs the project PIC that will monitor the work of politicians and make them responsible for their behaviour. It will also influence on reducing of corruption and bring more democracy and an open strong link between citizens and politicians.
    In conclusion, I support the project PIC in the whole and look foward to see the monitoring body PIC working, not only in Serbia, but also into my country.

    All the best!