What problem are you solving?:

Apathy, ignorance and suspicion are the dominant feelings of Croatia’s youth towards domestic politics and politicians, their Balkan neighbors and the priorities and policies of the European Union. The first generation to grow up in an independent Croatia appears discouraged and disconnected, with scant knowledge of the recent past and with little space to develop and express their vision for the future.

Describe your idea:

The platform aims to generate debate on Croatia’s political, social and economic realities and foster a spirit of participation among youth. It would comprise two parts: one for content supplied by professional artists and writers, the other open to groups from schools and universities. Contributors would be asked to use text, photography or video to reflect on what it means to be a Croat, and their vision of Croatia’s future: the subtopics could include anything from identity, war and nationalism, sexual and religious freedom, social justice, corruption, environmental or economic problems, all the way to their fears and hopes over Croatia’s future in the EU. All in the familiar format of social media, it would include opinion polls on current affairs, ratings and comments for all content or project initiatives, bulletins seeking volunteers and sponsors, feeds from blogs and online news outlets, and Twitter-like updates on domestic and EU policy initiatives that affect youth.

What country will this operate in?: Croatia

Who are you?:

The concept originated with a Croatia-based (Greek-born) online agency executive currently doing an MA in Public Policy. It was warmly embraced and developed within a group of Croatian multimedia artists (photographers, video artists, actors, a theatre writer), journalists, commentators and bloggers.