The watchdog activity in citizens’ interests and rights preservation

What problem are you solving?:

The important problem in Poland is the still developed number of conflicts between citizens and institutions of authority, business and public administration . It means, they violate interests and rights of citizens. It breaks the principles of the state of law.
The Polish law allows active participation of NGO-s as ‘third party’ supporting the citizens in legal proceedings and negotiations, particularly towards local authority. However the rules are often a dead letter of law and the preservation of citizens’ rights and interests being less effective than it possibly may be.
For four months The MONITOR Association has been elaborating the Project entitled “The NGO’s active legal supportive participation in citizens’ rights and interests preservation”
The main goals of the Project are: a) to re-activate practise possibilities of supportive participation, b) to strengthen the position of citizens towards authority, business and other public institutions.

Describe your idea:

The main instrument to realize Project will be the Advisory Group.
We propose Wortal:
MAIN -‘News’;‘Our commentaries’; ‘Submit/comment the news’; ‘We talk to…’ ; ‘About us & Cooperaion’; ‘First contact’
CIVIC INTERVENTION CENTER–concerning the main goals of the Program.
‘Citizens’ Office for Public Conflict’; ‘MONITOR inquires’
PROGRAMS & ACTIONS – A number of menus includes own start-site, instruments of monitoring, commentaries, submit form
EDUCATION-Sites concerning knowledge of civil society,
USERS– Sites:‘Log in’; ‘Contact links’; ’Sponsors/Partners’

1)The actual website of Association is made in Mambo.Is it accept?
2) The Users could to have random access to Wortal and Association.
3) The monitoring programs are the instruments to control the potential areas of conflicts.
4) There will be included basic information we need for active supporting of citizens.

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

The MONITOR Association was founded in 2004 year as local so-called watchdog organization. It has been actively monitoring many areas of local authority activities since. As a first organization in the country it professionally studied legal functioning of free access to public information. In 2006 Association studied in practice an implementation of the new regulations concerning the court’s mediation as an alternative towards proceeding method of conflicts resolution in the civil code.
We are currently elaborating two projects – the above mentioned one, additionally a second one – ‘Bank towards citizens – between business and public credibility.’