What problem are you solving?:

In Hungary legislation on the Freedom of Information (FOI) and public participation (PP) is progressive. However, laws are not really enforced. The gap between the ideal situation prescribed by the law and the public servants’ commitment is huge. Ministries and local governments do not comply with the laws. Sadly, NGOs are not fully aware of their rights.

Describe your idea:

The creation and maintenance of the site is part of our watchdog project which monitors the compliance of state authorities (ministries, local governments) with the Freedom of Information Act. The portal collects draft legislation under consultation at the different websites, and makes them easily accessible, searchable. It provides space to comment, discuss and register for notification of new content. We collect data and provide regular reports on the authorities and encourage and empower the public to take the opportunity and participate in the process of legislation.
Our “Open Legislation” watchdog program has been monitoring and advocating for the enforcement of the Act on the Freedom of Electronic Information 2005/XC. (Eitv.) since the end of 2005.

What country will this operate in?: Hungary

Who are you?:

The NOSZA Association was established by well- known experts and researchers of the Hungarian NGO sector. The Association is well-known for publication of research on nonprofit legal issues (legislation, contracting, registration, participatory democracy practices), and an on-line education material (Moodle). Throughout the years, this programme gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable Hungarian watchdogs.