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What problem are you solving?:

The project aims at activating the recipients including youth groups, the disabled, the unemployed, women, refugees, etc in their efforts to the development of the region considered most attracted ecologically sound tourism and food production in Poland (4 national parks: forest swamps, rivers and lakes: the Bialowieza National Park, lake and Mazurian) mechanisms for citizens through the use of sample projects: Festival of European Alternatice Energy, the cycle of training, promotional activities, information, art, actions to assist local communities, to involve them in participation in the creation government, local government projects for regional development. Assumed to create a railway station / bus station in Bialystok, the promotion of the center, tourist information, regional training center and space for the recipients of project (in the field of tourism, ecology, organic agriculture, civic activities, Internet use, the local culture, protection of cultural heritage

Describe your idea:

– creating new jobs in tourism, organic farming, renewable energy, construction of low-cost eco-homes with clay, creating hiking trails, organic farming and production of healthy food, local lines of railway, the renovation of historic buildings, to save local traditions
– Model projects as electric car, systems of renewable energy, waste management, household waste water treatment plants, etc.
– A program of regional development policy urealnienia cycle 12 weekly open, moderated, discussion meetings, debates, social hour 2-3 for the residents of the region around 50,000 participants
– Www.zubr.free.pl to launch and maintain the website of an educational, to promote tourism and ecological values of the region around 1 million visitors interactive dissccus forums, transmissions, relations, article created by readers etc
– Summer Festival

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF GREEN IN BIAŁYSTOK is a group of people whose aim is to promote activities of social and environmental not fall within the traditionally understood categories of science, politics, or economics. this requires combining different fields of knowledge and people with different interests. ecology, environment, nature, sustainable development, bicycle roads, ecological transport, education, health, economy, vegetarian, society, science, civilization, implementation

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